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Trinidad and Tobago Road Trip Map

LAST UPDATED: 29 January, 2024

This page covers the country of Trinidad and Tobago and various areas within it. Below is a list of links, sorted by general location, so you can easily find some of the YouTube video(s) to the area you want to see on JB’s Man Cave. Keep in mind that some videos may encompass multiple areas so do not go by the title alone. There are hundreds of MORE T&T related videos on JB’s YouTube Channel. I regularly update this page, so do check back to see new areas covered!


Teachers & Teaching in Trinidad & Tobago
SPANISH NAMES of Places in Trinidad and Tobago
2022 Independence Day Parade in Port of Spain
Fast drive from Valsayn to South Trinidad
Saharan dust across Trinidad and Tobago
Water Taxi docks at POS
UFO Sightings in Trinidad
Warning to T&T
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Social Issues

Crime, Criminals in T&T
Customer Service

North Trinidad

Las Cuevas

360 view of Fort Abercromby and the Caribbean Sea in Trinidad.
Picturesque Fort Abercromby and Las Cuevas Village in Trinidad, Caribbean
Maracas to Las Cuevas in 5 minutes


Maracas Beach reflections 5.3K
Maracas and Tyrico Bays (a bit shaky at times)
How about MARACAS BEACH on a RAINY day?
360 view of Maracas Beach on a rainy day when no one is there
To Maracas in 5 minutes
Looking over La Vache Bay
Meditation at Maracas

North Coast

A Short Hike
North Coast Road part 1
North Coast Road part 2

Santa Cruz / San Juan

Let’s have a look at La Pastora Settlement in the Santa Cruz Valley
Bourg Mulatresse
Cantaro part 1

North Central

Mt. St. Benedict / St. Augustine

Let’s have a look at Mt. St. Benedict and some of the surroundings

St. Joseph

A drive through historic St. Joseph and Maracas Royal Rd.


TUNAPUNA: Has it been neglected? Let’s walk through it and see

North West Trinidad

Port of Spain

Drive through all streets of Port of Spain (no commentary, music)
Walk through Downtown Port of Spain (no commentary, music)
Walk through Uptown Port of Spain
Walk through East side of Port of Spain
Brain Lara Promenade
What happened to Port of Spain? (social issue)
Has Port of Spain been abandoned? (social issue)
Looking across the highway at John John Trinidad
Lapeyrouse Cemetery
President’s Grounds / Royal Botanic Gardens
The Royal Botanic Gardens
Blackout in Trinidad – POS (16 February, 2022)
Rosenweg (Whitehall)
Ambard’s House
Hayes Court
Mille Fluers
Archbishop’s Palace
Wild Flower Park
National Library / Old Fire Station
Hall of Justice / Public Library
TTT Televsision House
US Embassy in POS
Canadian High Commission in POS
Watching Woodford Square’s Christmas decorations
Federation Park
Caribbean Housing Limited
Tatil Building
Holy Rosary Church
Green Corner
Queen’s Royal College
Trinity Cathedral
T&TEC Stacks removed
Look Out Hill
Belmont (new)

Westmoorings / Bayshore / Shorelands

Westmoorings and surroundings

Carenage / Chaguramas

COCORITE driving along the Western Main Road to CHAGUARAMAS in West Trinidad:

Queen’s Park Savannah

360° VR 5.6K Savannah – use your finger or mouse to move around see all as if you were there.
Meditating on the beautiful nature at the Hollows
Beautiful Bench Art
Meditate at the Queen’s Park Savannah
Trini colours around Savannah
Paradise Estate
Fast Walk around Savannah
The Hollows

St. Ann’s / Cascade

Drive through CASCADE, one of the most unique places that still looks like Trinidad of yesteryear
Lady Chancellor Hill and St. Ann’s in Trinidad
A look at St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church in St. Ann’s which was built in the 1800s
St Bernadette’s Preparatory School did you ever attend there?


Ever heard of La Vigie, Paramin in Trinidad?
Looking at the rains coming high up in Paramin
Paramin Road Trip part 1
Paramin Road Trip part 2 village in the mountains!
Our Lady of Guadalupe

St. James / Mucurapo

Driving into a St. James sunrise
Let’s have a look at one part of St. James in a way you may have never seen before
Let’s watch St. James during the day time
Mucurapo Waterfront

Fort George

A look at Fort George, Trinidad and the magnificent view
Cumberland Hill and towers
Road Trip up to Fort George and Cumberland Hill

Petit Valley

Petit Valley Drive Through
Snow in the mountains?
Driving in the West of Trinidad through heavy RAIN and FLOODS
St. Anthony’s RC Church
Petit Valley to Maraval loop

Diego Martin

Watching dark clouds in Trinidad – these brought the floods we recently experienced
A look at a Waterwheel in Diego Martin, Trinidad that should be well preserved
Four Roads Walkover
Patna Village and Blue Basin
Diego Martin drive through (3 hours 22 minutes!) (new)
Diego Martin to Mt. Hope (new)


Let’s look at GLENCOE, a residential area in West Trinidad
Glenco River


Noisy parrots take over large bamboo plants in Moka
Where am I looking at in the Caribbean island of Trinidad?
Haleand Park and Moka
Petit Valley to Maraval loop

St. Clair

Jackson Square
Nelson Mandela Park / King George V Park


Woodbrook (all streets)
Augustus Williams Park

North East Trinidad


Arena Massacre
A 360 look at the Arena Forest where a Massacre took place

Valencia to Matelot via Toco

  1. Valencia to Toco
  2. Sans Souci to Matelot
  3. Matelot to Galera Point
  4. Toco to Sangre Grande

Toco / Matelot / Paria

The pros and cons of Mission Bay in Toco
Shark River
SCARY Bridges on Paria Main Road
Galera Point
Matelot River
Matelot Beach
Homard Beach
Grand Riviere River
L’Anse Noire Beach
Sans Souci Beach
Sena Bay
Salybia Beach
Mission Bay
Toco Beach 360 / VR
Toco Beach Cove 360 / VR
Emerald Sea Toco

Sangre Grande

Walk through SANGRE GRANDE


Port of Spain to Piarco Airport in 5 Mins

La Horquetta, San Raphael, Cumuto, and Wallerfield

A look at East Trinidad passing on the main roads of La Horquetta, San Raphael, Cumuto, and Wallerfield, etc.
San Raphael Junction

Arima / Brasso Seco

Leaving Arima via O’meara Rd. North
Walking around Arima Proper
One of the most REMOTE villages in Trinidad and Tobago: Brasso Seco Village in the North East, not to be confused with Brasso Village in South
POS to Arima in 5 minutes
Tumpuna Road North and Arima Proper
Arima Police Station and The Dial

Lopinot / Caura

Lopinot beginning on Orange Grove Road
Caura as you never saw it

Central West Trinidad


Caroni swamp from dry land


Chaguanas proper full Walk through
Chaguanas proper from the perspective of the Chaguanas Main Road
Is THIS what THE LION HOUSE in Chaguanas, Trinidad has come to? (social issue)
Just standing right outside Chaguanas Market in 5.3K
Driving around Chaguanas and environs at night
Walking through Montrose, Chaguanas, let’s have a look and talk a bit about the area
Brief walk through Chaguanas Main Rd. 5.3K
Bush Fires
Petit Valley to Chaguanas via Port of Spain

Lange Park / Brentwood

Brentwood drive through


FELICITY, cremation site, a few Hindu temples, drink some coconuts and watch the surroundings
Petit Valley to Felicity via Maraval


A thorough walk through COUVA Proper
Driving through Couva, Trinidad Places such as Isaac Settlement, Balmain, the Heliport, Carli Bay and so forth
Beautiful Gran Couva road trip on the Gran Couva Main Rd.
Couva Junction 360 / VR


Freeport back roads
Christian Village
Mission Rd., Freeport drive

Central East

Brazil and Talparo
Knollys Tunnel

South Trinidad


Barrackpore to Point Fortin (new


Simple drive on S.S. Erin Rd., Debe
Digity Mud Volcano
Debe at night


Moruga Beach
Historic Suspension Bridge
Christopher Columbus Monument
MORUGA Proper in Trinidad
Princes Town to Moruga

Point Fortin

Point Fortin Borough Celebrations 5.3K (new)

Princes Town

Walk through major streets in PRINCES TOWN, Trinidad in 5.3K
360 virtual reality view of The Triangle in Princes Town, Trinidad
Princes Town to Moruga and back passing through many villages along the way!
Port of Spain to Princes Town passing on Manahambre Rd.
Back roads to Princes Town
What happened at Mandingo Rd?


PENAL, Trinidad drive through
Penal, Trinidad walk through in 5.3K


Siparia Proper, Trinidad from the perspective of Erin S.S. Road.

Ste. Madeline

Usine Ste Madeleine Pond in Trinidad

San Fernando and Environs

Let’s walk through all of San Fernando city
Driving around San Fernando Proper
Palmiste Park (new)

South West Trinidad

Erin / Buenos Aires

Erin Bay
Quoin Cliff
Penal to Buenos Ayres
Buenos Ayres to Fyzabad

La Brea to Icacos and back

Pitch Lake 360 / VR
Vessigny Beach
Pitch Lake

Continuous Road Trip through different areas. Make sure to look for the entire road trip to the South West of Trinidad in this order:

  1. Port of Spain to La Brea
  2. La Brea to Bonasse (via Point Fortin)
  3. Cedros to Icacos in the South West of Trinidad
  4. Icacos to Gulf View (via Cap de Ville)

Cedros / Icacos

Coral Point
Icacos Nature
Icacos Wetlands
Columbus Beach
Cedros Bay Bonasse

South East


Unusual beach in Mayaro Cobo birds fighting among other things
5 hours of driving from CaronI to Guayaguayare and all in between

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